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Almonds :-)

almond tree in Spain
A beautiful blooming almond tree in Spain. (image from the wikipedia)
The food of the week on one of my favorite sites (the world's healthiest foods) is the amazingly tasty, versatile, nutritious almond! High in protein, healthy fat, vitamin E, manganese - also containing a good amount of magnesium, copper, B2 and antioxidants (read the full low-down here) - almonds are truly a super-food :-) I love enjoying them dry-roasted, sprouted, in baked goods...

Flourless Sesame Almond Cookies

Blueberry Fig Sprouted Almond Clafouti

Awesome Almond Buckwheat Pancakes

Orange Mexican Wedding Cakes

Chocolate Almond Bran Biscotti

Super Pancakes (for one or more)

Gluten Free / Sugar Free Cheesecake

Sprouted Almond Smoothie

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I'm pleased to announce that we've just updated the site! I've been hinting at it for a while, and it's finally live. It was a lot of work - and we're still working on it :-) (There were some things we wanted to change, and some things we had to...) You will notice some fabulous and friendly new features:

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Booze Health Cookie ~News

* Love of Chocolate May Have Begun With Cacao Beer
"New archaeological findings by John S. Henderson of Cornell and Rosemary A. Joyce of the University of California, Berkeley, and colleagues push the date of the first use of cacao back to about 1100 B.C., 500 years earlier than previously known. What’s more, the researchers suggest that this early beverage was something different again — a fermented beer made from cacao pulp, not seeds."

* Citrus Juice, Vitamin C Give Staying Power To Green Tea Antioxidants
I'd like some lemon with my tea please.

* Christmas Countdown:The 40 Best Cookie Recipes For Shipping
~ that was a super-fun list to peruse (mostly very rich refined sugary goods). My list would include a variety of super-delicious, crunchy, (sturdy!) and surprisingly healthy biscotti like Chocolate Almond Bran Biscotti or Pecan Gingerbread Biscotti...

Heathy Baking on Group Recipes

I recently joined Group Recipes - a social networking site where foodies can share info and recipes. I really like it! There are all sorts of fresh interesting recipes being added everyday, and it's a good way to meet and exchange info with other foodies and food bloggers. I met a lovely lady from Mallorca who makes wonderful fare with local ingredients, and a prolific fellow Canadian who posts all sorts of inspiring recipes. It's still in beta and is only about a year old - and had NO ads! I really hope the founder doesn't sell out anytime soon :-)

Like facebook, there are many groups one can join. I formed a group called Healthy Baking, which so far has 44 new recipes to browse - and the list is growing fast - very exciting! If you sign-up, join my group and be my buddy - look for "pattycake" :-)

news bites~

Antioxidants Abound In Ripe Fruit
~ keep eating those delicious fall apples!

Key To Good Health May Be Concentrating On Food Not Nutrients
~ getting your nutrients from healthy whole foods is where it's at

50 Ways to Beat the Reaper
~ from men's health magazine: these tips are good for women too - apparently, a bit of chocolate is good for everyone :-)

Bleedy Cake, anyone?

Just came across this fun site: 365 Halloween "...for anyone who wishes that Halloween was longer than just one short day."

Gross + yummy recipes here (made with super ingredients!) including: Gingerbread Zombies, Stuffed Intestines Recipe, Mummy Dogs with Green Goo, Bleedy Cake

I mean, eww...

Creepy Zombie Finger Cookies

It's devil's night - one night away from one of my favorite occasions: Halloween!

I scored these creepy almond finger cookies at a bake sale at St.Mike's - fund-raising for the Heart & Vascular Program. They were presented in an splendidly gross manner: sticking out of a bowl of brown sugar: zombie fingers coming out of the earth to get you... I couldn't resist!

today's bites

*Women's Dietary Intake Study Ties Yogurt Consumption To Healthier Body Weights
"Research conducted by The General Mills Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition, Minneapolis, shows women who eat yogurt frequently are less likely to be overweight and more likely to meet their recommended daily intakes of important nutrients, such as calcium and vitamin D."

That sounds great - though I'd like to see the same study done by someone other than a giant processed food-selling corporation...

*Flu shot's vigour diminishes
This year's flu shot "may offer only 40 to 50 per cent protection" - not that it was ever 100%... once again, the virus has mutated.

*Porh Pawh's Bakery Café
70 Adelaide St E Toronto, ON, 416-368-7294
I totally want to check this place out :-)

*Awesome sounding recipe from Chocolate & Zucchini:
Glace aux Deux Figues

Black Leather

Just came up with this super-tasty mineral-rich fun-to-eat hot-looking confection ~

Recipe: Black Leather

( to have some of this on hand at a halloween party... evil black baby snakes?)