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Allergen-Free Peanuts

Great news!

Dr. Mohamed Ahmedna at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University has developed a simple process to make allergen-free peanuts. (Peanuts are a versitile inexpensinve legume packed with healthy fat, protein, antioxidants, and minerals - tasty too.)

Salut de Suisse!

Je suis dans Vevey Suisse pour un mois: pour visiter mon ami, pratiquer mon français, d'autres choses d'amusement... Il y a beaucoup des de boulangeries ici - croissants partout! Sain? Non, mais savoureux :-)

Raspberry Season!

Botanical illustration of a Raspberry plant
Red raspberries (watercolor, 1892). Image from the National Agricultural Library of the United States Department of Agriculture.

Lovely little raspberries everywhere~

Here's a recipe for some stellar brownies, "from the hands and heart of Kurt Frost in the kitchen of Sugar Ridge Retreat Centre:

Chocolate Chip Raspberry Brownies

These are famous!

How to cook pizza on a gas BBQ

I'm into baking on the BBQ. Last year I made soda bread successfully; I was stoked. The other week I burnt some muffins; there is an art to it.

I came across this sweet little video tutorial on how to cook pizza on a gas BBQ: nice technique and use of cans Mr. Urban Griller :-)

(saw the video on my first visit to The site's a video wikipedia: people post 5 minute how-to videos on all sorts of topics. Cool. I'll make a few videos soon...)

Jackie's Super Muffins

Just scored this recipe from my friend, the vivacious Jackie Allen:

Super Nutritious Chocolate Chip Bran Muffins

"... I adapted the recipe from The Ultimate Healthy Eating Guide,
a great cookbook and health guide that I recommend buying if you are
looking for a healthy cookbook that contains up to date summaries on
current research on healthy oils, nuts, flax, fish, and chocolate! It
was made, in part, by a Toronto-based Dietitian, Liz Pearson."

Jackie, who is a nutritionist and fellow foodie, just returned from the Rio De Janeiro Marathon - Team Diabetes. Selling healthy muffins was one way she raised funds for the cause. Congrats on your run and contribution to The Canadian Diabetes Association!

Matcha Martinis

Matcha Martini
lovely green powerful matcha martinis

This weekend while visiting my cousin in Guelph, we ended up wandering into a little town called Elora. Here we found a tiny Japanese tea shop - to our delight! The owner was an enthusiastic tea master from Japan, who gave us the low-down on matcha tea. (I'm sipping some high quality organic matcha tea as I write - mmm...)

We scored great quality matcha tea along with special bamboo whisk and scoop, as well as the tea master's blend of matcha with cane sugar to share with our lovely hosts.

With the matcha/sugar mix, we spontaneously concocted these gorgeous
delicious (stimulating!) matcha martinis. (I googled "macha martini" and, as I suspected, others have made variations of this cocktail.)

Recipe: Matcha Martini

Domo arigato Mr. Matcha!

vegan biscotti...

Here's a great little resource on baking vegan biscotti,
nice sounding recipes too:
Vegan Biscotti by Debra Daniels-Zeller

(This is relevant because biscotti, aka cantuccini, are typically made with eggs.)

I'm making some today ~

favorite smoothie!

Rich Chocolate Smoothie

My new favorite smoothie:
Rich Chocolate Smoothie

It tastes more like an awesome milkshake: rich, sweet, creamy...
- minus the ice cream and milk!

Food of the Gods

Mayan chocolate discs

Real Mayan chocolate from the Yukatan, Mexico.

Another great score from Mexico ~

Hand made in the Yukatan, the only ingredient in this chocolate is cacao. We spoke with the woman who made it, and she told us how to prepare Mayan-style hot chocolate:

Blend for 1 minute: 1 disc of chocolate with 1 liter of hot water (or hot milk). The hot chocolate should be nice and foamy. Serves 4.

This will produce a very bitter drink. I'll add 1 - 2 Tbsp of Mexican honey and a splash of vanilla when I make it.

Besides honey and vanilla, other ingredients traditionally included can be: cinnamon, chillies, anise seeds, sesame seeds, ground corn, allspice, achiote, and aromatic flowers.

Monster Cookies!

Monster cookie


These are awesome: chunky, peanut buttery, oaty, chocolaty - with the added sophistication of candied orange peel. Adults LOVE these. Haven't made them for kids yet, though I think I'd swap the peel for chopped apricots... Similar to the classic monster cookie, these MONSTER COOKIES have been updated to be dairy-free + healthier. I like to keep a couple in my purse as they're great for a hearty energy boost. :-)