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Rosemary Oat Cakes

Rosemary Oat Cakes
Lovely round cockltail crackers: oats and olive oil make these rich and flakey.

I came up with these lovely little oat crackers to satisfy my craving for crunchy savory things. These are somewhat similar to Scottish oat cakes - only made with olive oil and ground seeds instead of butter/lard. Rosemary adds a fragrant Mediterranean touch, and sesame seeds round out the rich nutty flavor.

These pretty little rounds make great cocktail crackers and work wonderfully on a cheese plate. These are fantastic as is, and even better topped with:

  • any good cheese - especially chevre
  • smoked salmon
  • wine jellies, marmalades, jams
  • nut butters
  • honey

Recipe: Rosemary Oat Cakes

Enjoy ♥

Awesome Almond Buckwheat Pancakes

Almond Buckwheat Pancakes
Awesome Almond Buckwheat Pancakes: fluffy with a crunchy layer of golden almonds

Made these for Sunday brunch.
Recipe: Awesome Almond Buckwheat Pancakes
They were really really really good.

pattycake vegan bakery

There happens to be an organic vegan bakery in Columbus Ohio called pattycake vegan bakery. I'll have to stop in for a spelt fudge brownie next time I'm in town :-)

An Attainable Dream: Miso Cookies!

I was just eating some brown rice and flax crackers with some sweet white miso and peanut-butter - and had a though: peanut-butter miso cookies would be great! (So would miso cookies...)

I did a search and, not surprisingly, found a nice-looking recipe from Shinmeido Miso: Peanut Butter and Miso Cookies. Haven't tried it out yet - sounds yummy - though I'm already envisioning a version with less sugar and more miso :-)

There's a recipe for "Miso Cookies" at Marukome, and other japanese recipes can be found online. As well, there's a blog post in Obachan's Kitchen and kinkistyle on this topic... and that's about all there is on miso cookies right now - in English anyways ;-)

UPDATE: Here's my recipe! Ginger Miso Peanut Butter Cookies


Black Gold!

lack Gold
Super-rich fudgey mineral-dense Black Gold.

I've been craving rich mineral-dense food lately, so I concocted this satisfying and healthy confection. Quick and easy to make and no baking required. Minerals in this fudgey delight include: iron, copper, magnesium, calcium, zinc - not sure if there's actually gold in these though!

Black Gold

Get rich!

Pumpkin ____?

Winter Squash Nut-Crust Casserole
Very delicious: a sweet winter squash nut-crust pumpkin pie-like baked good.

Pumpkin pudding, pumpkin pie, nut-crust pumpkin pie, self-crusting pumpkin pie, pumpkin squares, sweet squash pie, winter squash nut-crust casserole...

Name or no name, I make these very often in the fall and winter. The piece in the picture has a pecan-pepita crust: very very very good!

As for a recipe - I generally wing it every time. I have posted some tips here: Hi there pumpkin pie! I will post an approximate recipe...

UPDATE: here's that recipe! Patty's Pumpkin Pudding

Dia de Muertos

Pile of candy
Day of the Dead.

Black-eyed Susans

These cookies are delicious, healthy, and pretty: Black-eyed Susans

Being the cookie-loving health-conscious lady I am, lately I've been concocting baked goods while:

  • avoiding wheat and gluten
  • cutting down on the sugar
  • avoiding animal products
  • incorporating super-healthy ingredients like flax seeds

Is it possible to do these things and still make incredibly delicious cookies? Yes!

Here's the recipe: Black-eyed Susans

Très bon!

Hi there pumpkin pie!

A sugar pumpkin - perfect for pies! image from Cook's Thesaurus

I absolutely love pumpkin pie. There are thousands of pumpkin pie recipes on the web - but most are loaded with superfluous fat and sugar. Winter squash is a magical thing, and has its own lovely richness. Here are some tips on how to make a classic recipe healthier, without compromising flavour and texture of course!

Marvelous Monkey Muffins

Make some Marvelous Monkey Muffins - mmm!

Packed with sweet ripe bananas, flax seeds, oats, toasted pepitas...
these super muffins are good for you and your monkey!

Here's the recipe:
Marvelous Monkey Muffins

Ooo-oo-oo ee-EE!