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Spicy Mayan Brownies

I came up with these super-rich fudgy spicy brownies a while back to satisfy my craving for chocolate and spice. Having a sweet spot for all things Mayan, I composed these using some traditional Mayan flavours: chocolate, cinnamon, allspice, cloves, anise, chilli, vanilla - yum! I also incorporated the healthy meso-American super-grain quinoa (I used red quinoa) as well as flax seeds - I don't think flax is Mayan, but it allowed me to avoid eggs in this recipe. I soaked my seeds to germinate/sprout them: super healthy and easier to puree. Though the high amount of cocoa, sprouted seeds, and spices would qualify these gluten-free vegan treats as healthy, the sucanat and butter (coconut oil works here for the vegan or dairy-free diets) bump these into the supremely rich and tasty side of healthy. I love these brownies + they are now officially my sweet-heart's new favorite brownies :-)

Recipe: Spicy Mayan Brownies

Swiss Honey

Local honey from the artisan market. Vevey, Switzerland.

Just finished the last of my Swiss honey - miel de fleurs de montagnes, miel de foret - et les autres beaux miels. C'était trés délicieux!

Festive Recipes from Favorite Blogs

Lovely nutty vegan confection - great for sweet carob lovers or those avoiding chocolate: Carob Nut Balls

Rich and beautifully flavored... Pine Nut Rosemary Shortbread

Some of my favorite flavour combos are in this beautiful (healthy!) candy: Aztec Chocolate Bark 


the origins of food

Ever wonder when croissants, apples, or yogurt came onto the the world food scene? I just came across this amazing resource: The Food Timeline

The first thing our prehistoric ancestors were eating (besides water, ice, and salt) was shellfish and fish - so raw oysters and sashimi are super old-school indeed!

My own little timeline:

news: water bottles yanked

"Canada's largest outdoor-goods chain has pulled water bottles and food containers made of polycarbonate plastic from its shelves over worries about the chemical bisphenol A, which has been linked to cancer and reproductive problems in animals.

Festive Candied Peel

Two beautiful large organic navel oranges inspired me to make these superb candied peels~

Recipe: Candied Orange Peel

These turned out beautifully. Eating one little piece is a great pick-me-up. You can also dip these in dark chocolate (trés sophistiqué!) or use as a premium ingredient in another recipe...

seduced by soap cakes

yummy local demo soaps

While we were at this year's one of a kind show, we were seduced by a display of beautiful delicious aromatic natural soaps - some of which looked and smelled like pumpkin pie, caramel, brownies - yum!

Cinnamon Creamsicle Smoothie

Recipe: Cinnamon Creamsicle Smoothie

I love this smoothie. We drink them often in the fall and winter. It's like a festive creamsicle in a glass - without the cream, sugar, food coloring...
Carrot juice is what makes it extra tasty and extra healthy (note to people with kids: you can't taste the carrot juice!). I happen to LOVE carrots and the vitamin A boost they give :-)

Tiny recipes on Twitter

Maureen from San Francisco came up with the great idea of posting super tiny condensed recipes to Twitter like:

Chocolate Cake: melt c choc/6T butter; +5T h2o&flour&cocoa.
Beat silky 8T sugar/2egg. Fold all in sml grsd pan. 40m@350F in 2nd pan hot h2o.

Brilliant :-)

Banana Booty Bars

These are my new favorite bars!

Recipe: Banana Booty Bars

The Booty: Naturally sweet, chewy, packed with oats, fruit, fiber, a
hint of spice, dark chocolate and a walnut crunch. These vegan treats
are quick and easy to make and are great for people on special diets -
great for your booty too ;-)

I initially made these as cookies. The excellent flavour and wholesome ingredients were all there, but the cookie format wasn't the greatest (+ more time consuming!)... After deciding on the bar format (and tweaking the ingredients) everything came together deliciously. These are super for a quick breakfast or snack + a great way to use up those over-ripe bananas!