Healthy Mexican Treats

Honey Candy
Sweet hard honey candies with sesame seeds: mmm

Check out these fine treats I scored from a little grocery store in Puerto Morellos, Mexico.

Last year I picked up some of the same snacks from a drugstore while down south. Generally, the the treats that you can find in a small mini-market around the Yucatan are just as junky as the twinkies and oreos you'd find at convenient stores here.

I was delighted to find these awesome tasting whole-grain preservative-free snacks :-)

Palmier Cookies
These rich flaky whole-wheat plamier cookies are a favorite.

Ring Cookies
These are sugar-free, and have whole flour and soy lecithin as main ingredients. Each cookie has more protein than carbohydrates and fat - and they're awesome tasting.

Crisp Cookies
These are superbly thin, crunchy and totaly satisfying. Packed with whole oats, sunflower seeds and sweetened with honey - yum :-)


We have the first product

Hello as you can read my name is Rodolfo Shields, i am from Mexico and if you are interested we produce and sitribute the honey candy around the globe, we have the FDA approvation, so if you have any interest in obtaining this product feel free to cantact me by mail Just for the record this candy that you have in the picture is absolutely the same one we produce and offer to the public, thank you very much for reading this and good luck with your blog.