More Swiss Cookies!

Swiss Macaroon

...enjoying a chewy almond macaroon under a palm tree by Lac Leman in Montreux: c'est la vie!

Swiss Linzer Cookie

From the artisan market in Vevey: Beautiful delicious linzer cookie - sweet hazelnut pastry with raspberry filling.

Swiss Linzer/Macaroon Cookie

From the artisan market in Vevey: crisp sugar-cookie, topped with a chewy almond macaroon, topped with sweet raspberry.

Swiss Cookie: Meringue

Meringue with double cream from a little fondue place in the mountains (Western Switzerland).

Just a few of the lovely cookies I sampled while away :-P

Interesting facts: macaroons and meringues are generally wheat-free and gluten-free. Macaroons have a substantial amount of protein due to the ground nut flour and egg whites typically present. (Both are all generally high in sugar too.)

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Swiss cookies

Maybe about 10 - 15 years ago I had eaten a cookie like the one you have pictured here with the jam and the nut macaroon. It was amazing and I've always wanted to find a recipe. Would you have any idea of a recipe or the name of that cookie?

Wish I knew... good chance

Wish I knew... good chance it's a French cookie. If anyone else knows please chime in!