healthy baking on the bbq

hot off the grill: fresh blueberry clafouti!

This summer I did a bit of experimental baking on the bbq: fun! (and a great idea when you don't want to heat your place up)

After botching some lovely sprouted quinoa muffins that I tried to bake on the bbq, I was ready to learn from my mistake: don't put the pan directly on the grill, or else your goods will burn burn burn.

insulate your goods when baking on the bbq: an inverted pan works well.

My next experiment consisted of a fresh blueberry clafouti baked on the grill. I created some space between the clafouti and grill, simply by placing it on top of an inverted pan. I then kept my eye on the temperature gauge, tried not to open the lid too much, and kept only one burner on (the furthest away from my pan) to maintain the proper heat.

This worked out splendidly :-)

finishing touch: barbecued clafouti dusted with icing sugar

...and even though summer's over, we still enjoy plenty of bbq action ;-)