Heathy Baking on Group Recipes

I recently joined Group Recipes - a social networking site where foodies can share info and recipes. I really like it! There are all sorts of fresh interesting recipes being added everyday, and it's a good way to meet and exchange info with other foodies and food bloggers. I met a lovely lady from Mallorca who makes wonderful fare with local ingredients, and a prolific fellow Canadian who posts all sorts of inspiring recipes. It's still in beta and is only about a year old - and had NO ads! I really hope the founder doesn't sell out anytime soon :-)

Like facebook, there are many groups one can join. I formed a group called Healthy Baking, which so far has 44 new recipes to browse - and the list is growing fast - very exciting! If you sign-up, join my group and be my buddy - look for "pattycake" :-)