the origins of food

Ever wonder when croissants, apples, or yogurt came onto the the world food scene? I just came across this amazing resource: The Food Timeline

The first thing our prehistoric ancestors were eating (besides water, ice, and salt) was shellfish and fish - so raw oysters and sashimi are super old-school indeed!

My own little timeline:

10 000 BC almonds

4000 BC yeast breads (pita, foccachia)

5500 BC honey

1500 BC chocolate

1200 BC sugar

1000 BC oats

400s BC pastries and appetizers

1st century flan, cheese cake, rice pudding

400s pretzels

600s kimchi

800s halva

1000s baklava

1395 gingerbread

1653 pumpkin pie

1840s Irish soda bread

1880's angel food (cake)

1896 oatmeal cookies

1906 brownies

1950s smoothies

2007 space cornbread

(image of Marennes-Oléron oyster from the wikipedia)


)) Now nobody will persuade

)) Now nobody will persuade that a human can't live without meat)

I can live without most

I can live without most meat, but I'd rather not live without oysters :-)