Happy New Year!

On top of the world at Calakmul.

Happy New Year!

For my first post of 2008 I would like to share some highlights from the past year, and let you know what's percolating for this year. 2007 was a productive adventurous year for me, and for pattycake.ca.


I'm finally feeling less shy about publishing and sharing my passions online with the world :-)

Plans and Goals for Pattycake.ca in 2008:

  • more great recipes!
  • guest contributors
  • more health and creative lifestyle posts

I wish you all a healthy happy love-filled 2008.

Thanks for reading!

xo Patty

ps: please comment with your suggestions and thoughts, I love hearing what you have to say :-)



Last year was amazing and I'm sure 2008 will be even better! Keep up the great work!!!

thanks everyone :-P

Thanks everyone!


Happy New Year!!

looks great, its about time!

looks great, its about time!

good luck

After our chat with Cspin last night, I'm very excited to see where you take the site in 08. Keep up the good work!