Healthy Advice from the Web for 2008

We could all use a little healthy advice now and then, so I've compiled
some helpful hints from the world wide web. Being the start of the new
year, there was a surge of info to sort through. Here are some gems ~

Following these healthy habits can add 14 years to your life:

1. not smoking
2. exercising
3. moderating your booze intake
4. eating your fruits + veggies (5 / day)

Easy :-)

Read more here. Source: Public Library of Science Medicine

"How to Avoid the 10 Worst Energy Zappers"

1. Lack of Sleep.
2. Sugar.
3. Caffeine.
4. Lack of Exercise.
5. Not Enough Oxygen.
6. Processed Foods.
7. Dehydration.
8. Stress.
9. Chronic Pain.
10. Toxic People.

Great advice! See the full descriptions here, written by K. Stone of Life Learning Today.

Have some New Year's Resolutions?
Make sure they're SMART:

1. Specific. Say "eat at least 5 fruits and veggies a day" instead of "eat better".
2. Measurable. If you're more specific about your goals, success will be apparent. Keeping track of you progress helps too.
3. Achievable. Make sure it's possible for you to achieve. No point in setting yourself up for failure.
4. Realistic. You can only do so much. Use your resources to help you determine what you can realistically pull off.
5. Timely. Give yourself deadlines - realistic deadlines :-)

From lifehacker, article Free Tools to Manage New Year's Resolutions.

List your goals, Share your progress, Cheer each other on

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Great blog! Positive, friendly, empowering.
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Please comment with links you find helpful :-)


Collective wisdom

Some of these things are probably common knowledge (don't smoke, avoid stress, etc.) but it's still nice to see them all compiled in a single post with links to more detail. Thanks for assembling and sharing these great tips and links!


You're welcome :-) Here's

You're welcome :-)

Here's another really good one: The Minimalist’s Guide to Fighting (and Beating) Clutter Entropy


Haha! Is that a hint?? ;-)