Bonnie's Health Info Group

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Bonnie Penner online, and have since joined her incredibly informative "Health Info Group".

Bonnie is passionate about healthy living, and loves sharing her research on contemporary health topics like: plastic water bottles, Teflon pans, parabens, and artificial sweeteners... important stuff that isn't exactly mainstream knowledge yet. She says:

" is my passion and when I can make a difference in someone's life I feel great. I have seen too many people suffer, in my opinion needlessly, from health related issues only because they did not know any better."

If you're interested in receiving Bonnie's "Health Info Group" emails, send her an email and request to be put on her list: It's free to join, and she does not advertise or sell email addresses.

On a related note, I mentioned in an earlier post that I'm going to start having guest contributors submit content to the site. I've asked Bonnie, and she has agreed to let me post her write-up on plastic water bottles (coming soon).

Thank you Bonnie!


Bring it on!

Very cool. Can't wait to read Bonnie's take on the plastic water bottle debate!

Thanks for the info - the

Thanks for the info - the waterbottle article was great. I signed up - this is exactly the type of thing I was looking for.