Beautiful Burfi

Not too long ago, we ventured out east - east Toronto that is - and scored these gorgeous rich decadent Indian sweets.

Here's what's in the photo, starting in the upper left and going clockwise: carrot halva, caramel? burfi with pistachio and silver leaf, pistachio burfi, chocolate burfi, saffron burfi, almond burfi. Yum! I especially loved the carrot halva and the mysterious caramel-flavored silver leaf fudge.

Burfi (aka barfi) is basically Indian fudge, that's generally made with milk, ghee, sugar, nuts, chickpea flour, and spices. Interesting fact: most recipes don't contain eggs, and most are gluten-free - though this doesn't make these sugary-dairy-rich sweets health-food ;-)

Check out these (mostly) traditional Indian recipes for fudge (burfi, barfi), halva, and egg-free cakes.


What beautiful looking

What beautiful looking Indian sweets - I love the contrast in colours. My partner adores these sweets - the more condensed milk the better. Here in Australia we call them kulfi- or is that something different from burfi?

Kulfi is "Indian Icecream"

Kulfi is "Indian Icecream" (also packed with condensed milk). There's a good little write-up describing the different Indian sweets here. G'day :-)

Location, location, location

I know this post is old (I can't see a date on the post itself, but I see that the comments are dated in February of last year), but I'm wondering if you can remember where you got them. I used to have a "go to" place for Burfi up near Ellesmere and Victoria Park, but it's closed down and I need to get a big box of assorted burfi in Toronto this weekend. I came across your blog post while googling for good burfi in Toronto, and the examples in the photo look delightful.

I bought the above burfi in

I bought the above burfi in Little India (Gerrard St E) somewhere on the south side of the street. Not sure which shop, but I think there are only a couple of sweet shops. You're correct, this is an older post - I wrote this blog entry Jan 2008. Thanks for the feedback - I will see if I can get the dates to show up on the individual posts as it's helpful info. Cheers!

Any luck with remembering where you got these from?

I need to get the best barfi in town for my brother's engagement party.

If you can remember which shop in particular you've gotten these from in Little India, it'd be a huge help.


It was so long ago that I

It was so long ago that I can't remember - but my husband confirms it was on the south side of the street. Maybe try the barfi in all the sweet shops and see for yourself? That's what I would do. :)