Gluten-Free Sprouted Quinoa Rice Bread

It's official: I'm off wheat gluten, for now... I've been avoiding wheat gluten for the last month, and have been feeling generally healthier: less bloating, less overall aches and pains, better mood too :-) I went on a bit of a wheat binge yesterday, and bam! Bloating, joint pain, and a noticeably compromised immune system. Good thing there are many other great things to eat besides wheat out there. Here's a delicious moist gluten-free quick-bread I've been enjoying:

Quinoa Rice Bread

Similar to cornbread, this bread is made with healthy sprouted quinoa and brown rice flour instead of cornmeal. Sprouting the quinoa is easy: rinse the seeds in cold water (3X), then soak the seeds in at least twice as much room temperature water (6-12 hours) and voila! your quinoa is germinated/sprouted. This makes the seeds healthier, easier to digest, and easier to puree (which is perfect for this recipe). This bread is great fresh out of the oven with butter, alongside hearty soups, or toasted and slathered with nut butter and honey for breakfast. The slice in the photo is embellished with almond butter, raw honey, and cinnamon: yum!


You're the first person I've

You're the first person I've found on the internet who has the very same reaction to gluten as I do (joint pain, bloating, moodiness). I've been gluten free for several months now and feel better than ever, literally! Eating gluten free is definitely worth the sacrifice. I'll have to try the bread.

sprouted gluten bread

I have the joint pain & moodiness also & terrible fatigue . I have been gluten free for almost a year now & feel so much better . My other allergies have improved greatly also . Bread is the biggest challenge so am anxious to try ths one

Beth and Marsha, Happy you

Beth and Marsha,
Happy you both feel better. Lucky for all of us, there are tons of great things (besides wheat) to eat in this world. :)


My husband has many intolerances and it is a challenge to be creative. He has intolerances to gluten, milk products and sugars. Even honey is sometimes a problem.
I have tried navigating though your recipes and was hoping to find new ideas. I am generally a good and creative cook, but find myself at my wits' end at times.....
I have often replaced cow's milk with goat milk and he seems to tolerate it, as well as goat butter. goat cheese used to be O.K., but now seems harder to....If you have any GREAT new ideas.......Sonia

Hi Sonia, I use google

Hi Sonia,
I use google search when looking for food inspiration - these days there's a ton of great recipes and info for folks with special diets.

Remember everyone! Gluten

Remember everyone! Gluten free isn't a sacrifice when your health is the prize!