ChocoSol Chocolate

Here's some absolutely exquisite rustic hand-made (healthy!) chocolate I scored at the Toronto Dufferin Grove Farmer's Market made by the talented folks at ChocoSol, whose motto is:

"Pedal-Powered, Stone-Ground, Socially Just and Made Fresh! "

They really do make their chocolates with human-power, grinding and delivering their goods using pedal-power. At the market they were making hot chocolate with a hand-crank blender - very cool! The varieties I brought home were (clockwise from left): dark chocolate with vanilla and cocoa nibs, Mexican spiced chocolate, chocolate with sesame seed and sea salt.

Learn more about ChocoSol's ethical horizontal trading practices, cocoa varieties, drinking chocolate and amaranth. Awesome :-)


The real deal

Those guys are so hard-core! I'm really interested in this approach to making chocolate, and for that matter all foods that are generally made in factories today. There are so many benefits to this kind of sustainable production method, both to environment as well as the end product. You can really taste the difference.

I totally agree :-)

I totally agree :-)

I love their chocolate - I

I love their chocolate - I had their hemp bar and it rocked. The best treat to have in the house for those choco cravings!