Marvelous Macaroons

The first time I had a real fresh almond macaroon was in French Switzerland. After one sweet crisp chewy almondy bite, I was hooked. Later, I looked up recipes for classic French-style almond macaroons, and was pleased to see how simple they are (basic ingredients; almonds, egg whites, sugar) and easy to make. Another bonus: they're gluten-free! After several delicious experiments, I came up with this lovely not-too-sweet version of classic French-style almond macaroons, here made with fresh almond flour, fragrant orange zest and honey.

Recipe: Honey Almond Macaroons

Miam miam!


mmm these sound and look

mmm these sound and look amazing! they seem to be a healthier version of the little almond macaroons my greek neighbour makes around christmastime. ;-)

Thanks Michelle :-)

Thanks Michelle :-)
I'm not surprised that there's a Greek version, as they originated in Italy, and are pretty poplar all over Europe - interesting info on macaroons here.

Too good to be true

Having actually gotten to try these (being married to the chef certainly has its perks) I can attest to how addictively good they are. I would use words like "scrumptious", "delectable" and "aromatic" to describe them. Oh, and also "super-yummy".  :-)

Aw, thanks!

Aw, thanks!