I Love Bananas

I love bananas. (I love them so much that I'm working on a related project...) Here are some delicious healthy banana recipes I'm looking forward to trying:

Quinoa And Banana Pudding Recipe

This healthy not-too-sweet pudding is a great alternative to rice pudding.

Banana Bread Loaf
A high-protein gluten-free almondy banana bread.

Grilled bananas with toasted almonds
A delicately spiced sweet Indian dish.

Banana-Mango Ketchup

Spicy Banana Ketchup
Banana ketchup is a favourite condiment in the Philippines. These recipes both sound amazing.

Vegan Banana Nut Ice Cream Recipe

Rich and wonderful.

Carmalized Banana With Rum Sauce Recipe
This looks way too good ;-)

Let me know what some of your favourite healthy banana recipes are!



Ahh! The first banana sighting!

Hi Patty-- Thanks so much

Hi Patty--
Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! I LOVE your site! I'm always so excited to find other bakers interested in healthy alternatives. Can't wait to go through the archives and see what other goodies you've got. :) (Oh, and always such a pleasure to find other Canadian bloggers/writers, too!).

Greg, Wait till you see my

Wait till you see my shirt :P

Sweet day when I found your blog: so many wonderful healthy recipes, I particularly love your baked goods and treats!

I love bananas

I love bananas too! 

(but you already knew that...)



I love bananas too! I eat them everyday in some form or another-usually fruit smoothies or banana bread. I just recently heard of banana ketchup!? I look forward to hearing how that is!