sweet snack

One of may favourite snacks/breakfasts:
rice cakes + nut butter + cocoa nibs + honey + cinnamon

...particularly delicious with almond butter, fairtrade raw organic cocoa nibs, local honey, and very fine cinnamon :-)


Oh yes! These are

Oh yes! These are addictively yummy. Make sure to make more than one at a time because if you're like me you'll want to eat at least two. Another tip, try to use rice cakes that aren't too crumbly. ;)


Are cocoa nibs shredded chocolate or something else? Looks yummy. Have you had Van's gluten free waffles? They are tasty and would be good w/ the topping, too.

Cocoa nibs are broken

Cocoa nibs are broken pieces of slightly fermented cocoa beans - they are what chocolate, cocoa, and cocoa butter are made from. (More info here.) Sometimes when I want a pure energizing chocolate treat, I eatĀ  a spoon of nibs mixed with just enough honey or agave syrup to holdĀ  it together: yum!

Haven't tried Van's waffles yet, thanks for the tip :)