Lauren's Maize Cakes

Roasted Corn for Sale.   Photo: Lauren Classen

It's corn season here in Ontario! The perfect time for a guest post by my good friend Lauren Classen, who's currently working in Malawi Africa with local youth, finding out what their eating habits are. Lauren is also a very creative, resourceful, and fabulous cook! She wrote the following post and recipe in April, the start of Malawi's corn season. Enjoy :-)

Lauren with the locals, preparing food in Malawi, Africa

It's green maize season here. As everyone eagerly (and hungrily) awaits the drying and eventual harvest of this year's crops (due to start in May), their storage containers often empty already for quite some time, the availability of green (not-yet-dried) maize is a very exciting time!  Malawians love to give gifts of food and I think the hungry season is embarrassingly painful because they simply have nothing to give... so now that the maize has grown big enough to eat (though most of it will still be saved until it is completely dry and can be used to make a maize flour), I have been overwhelmed with generous donations. In an effort to make sure that these precious gifts don't go to waste in my glutinously well-stocked kitchen, I made up this appetizer the other day, modifying Costa Rican 'choriadas', a common Costa Rican treat in the green maize season there, thought I'd share. Our maize is sweeter than the maize here. Ideally, you'd actually use the maize that we, sadly, use for cattle feed in Canada. If the maize is really juicy, then you can do this omitting both the milk and the additional wheat flour - especially if you want to make the thin ones that I like for breakfast...

Recipe: Maize Cakes

Pretty Malawians Girls.   Photo: Lauren Classen

Thank you Lauren!