Trinity Bellwoods Farmer's Market

Last week, I scored all these wonderful locally produced goods at the Trinity Bellwoods Farmer's market: smoked sheep-milk cheddar cheese, red pepper mushroom raw seed crackers, savoury cheddar spelt crackers, wildflower honey, royal jelly face cream, carrots, lettuce, and parsley. I hadn't been to this market since last year, and was happy to see it growing with more new vendors selling topnotch delicious fare.

...and then I met a lovely woman (Ashley) who gave me one of her delicious homemade vegan apple muffins, and a talented raw chocolatier who let me sample a couple of his new rich chocolate creations. Sweet :-)


Sweet bountiful goodness!

Sweet bountiful goodness! Those carrots look sooo yummy!

Apple muffin Ashley

That Ashley you met is a massage therapist and yes she makes good muffins:

Good to know, thanks Matthew

Good to know, thanks Matthew :)