Fresh Fig & Blueberry Clafoutis

I LOVE figs, and lately I've been noticing fresh figs around town... somewhere it the world, it's fig season. Combined with fresh blueberries (which I love too) they're killer good. Luckily, blueberries are still in season here, because my favourite clafoutis combines the two - I guess I should call it a flognarde then? Nah ;-)

I made a variation of my new wheat-free (+ gluten-free) clafoutis with this stellar combo - fresh local blueberries and black mission figs:

Fresh Fig and Blueberry Clafoutis

Very yummy. Very pretty. Very easy.
Blueberries and figs are very nutritious too :-)


what to do w/ the figs?

I have been wanting to try your clafouti recipe but I don't know what to do w/ all the leftover figs. I can get a bunch at Costco and they are priced really well. I'll have to look around for some recipes and also see if I can freeze them.

Here are some grilled fig

Here are some grilled fig recipes that look great: Figs on the Grill All Over the World
This smoothie looks lovely: Fresh Fig and Rose Smoothie
I tend to just eat them all as is!