Baking & Real Estate

Yes, it's officially autumn, and I've been busy baking-up summer's bounty into crumbles, clafoutis, quick breads... I've also been super-busy with life, as we've decided to sell our beautiful historic tip top loft condo here in downtown Toronto. (Please contact me asap if you're interested!) Luckily for me, I hear that baking things like pumpkin pies while trying to sell increases your chances - so our timing is great :-)

Any advice to help us sell? Particular things I can do or bake to fluff the place for viewings? Thanks!


We lived in a loft in a 1918

We lived in a loft in a 1918 factory building until we sold it a few years ago. Yep, baking is a good thing. If you don't get a chance to do it prior to a visit, you can light scented candles - pumpkin, sugar cookie, vanilla, etc. (blow out before leaving, of course) or you could use a concentrated fragrance spray. I have one from Bath and Body Works (fresh linen) and the smell lingers for hours. Leave music playing softly in the background, too. Another thought is to create a one page sheet w/ a list of fun things to do in the n'hood plus bullet points of the highlights of your loft. Go for the emotional sell. Leave a stack somewhere visitors will see them. Good luck w/ selling the loft!

All fantastic ideas - thanks

All fantastic ideas - thanks so much!