Baking & Real Estate II

I finally have a bit of time to write, since I've been organizing, staging, photographing, and polishing our condo for the market. We've gotten nothing but stellar feedback on our stylish pad - now if only we could get a couple of keen buyers and a friendly little bidding war, that would be really sweet!

Everything I've read about staging a home talks about the importance of good smells. With all the fresh flowers and baking that goes on here, our place smells great. Since one's place should be spotless all the time when it's on the market, I lean towards easy recipes that don't involve too many bowls, utensils, or appliances. I often bake half of the cookies from a recipe (and store the other half of the batter in the fridge) and bake the rest another day to save time and effort. I've been avoiding baking peanut-butter cookies on the off chance that someone with a nut allergy comes through. I use high quality Mexican vanilla and cinnamon in everything for the best flavour and aroma. Things I've been baking:

Sweet Ambrosia Cookies
These are quick and easy to make - you can mix everything by hand in one bowl. Coconut and pecans add lovely complimentary fragrances.

Tahini Oatmeal Walnut Cookies
Another delicious easy one bowl concoction. Add 1tsp of vanilla to make these even more fragrant.

Patty's Pumpkin Pudding
Tis the season for these aromatic winter squash baked delights. The higher quality the spice, the better the bouquet! I throw all the ingredients in a blender to make prep and clean-up quick and easy.

Wish us luck!



Sounds like your loft will sell quickly. Your kitchen is gorgeous! Good luck!

Thanks Koala :-)

Thanks Koala :-)


OMG--your kitchen is beautiful! Nice staging job.

Thanks Asianmommy! Cool

Thanks Asianmommy. Cool site :-)

We worked hard to make everything perfect, I also did all of the photography... Our place is now sold - and only 20 days on the market - woohoo!

Anyone want to hire me for my staging services?


Great kitchen

Hey, the picture of your kitchen looks amazing. I wish I had a kitchen like that to bake in!

Thank you! Yes, it was sweet

Thank you! Yes, it was sweet - sigh.

Thanks Asianmommy. Cool site

Thanks Asianmommy. Cool site