Fresh Baked T-Shirts!

This just in: fresh baked goods!

Just in time for Christmas too! After creating many designs, working with 3 different apparel printing companies, and doing multiple test prints, I finally have a really cute t-shirt design to share with the world. The printing company I chose was Skreened, because they only print on ethically produced apparel, have a great assortment of American Apparel shirts to choose from, and they do a super job with the printing. They even allow you to choose a different shirt style or colour if you want.

Besides getting a cute original design that will look awesome on you and garner all sorts of compliments, you'll be supporting my site too. :-) Order one for your sister, your mom, your little niece, that special guy...

Another cool thing about Skreened is that you can order several shirts, even different styles and sizes, and they will only charge you the cost of shipping one. (Most other companies charge a shipping fee for each item, so if you buy 2 shirts, they charge you double - ouch!)

PS - Skreened is based in the US, so the rest of us need to order early as it takes a bit longer for the goods to arrive. Order 3 weeks ahead of time to be safe.

Let me know what you think!


love it!

Patty, love the retro font and look. I can imagine the looks I would get from the other moms at the playground in my conservative town - I want one! I am in the midst of the wardrobe refashion so can't buy right now - darn it! BTW, in the spring I will have lost the last 10 pounds hanging around so I hope to look as good in the tee as you. :)

Cool T Pattyr

I'm passing this one around.

Thanks guys! Koala, I'm sure

Thanks guys! Koala, I'm sure you look great +10 or -10 pounds. :)