In the Tropics

I've been off the grid, somewhere in Mexico for the last couple of weeks enjoying the jungle, beaches, and aromatic Mayan honey - si si! Tropical posts coming once I'm back in civilization...


Happy New Year¡¡¡ Feliz

Happy New Year¡¡¡ Feliz Año Nuevo dear Patty, I hope your time in Mexico has been delightful and relaxing.
After Christmas excess I´m back to the right path and the good and healthy stuff (you know, sometimes when celebrating in other house than our own, you have to sometimes eat not the right stuff, but since it´s been cooked with so much love and care it´s not very kind to say no...)
OK, lets cook and have fun.
My best wishes for you and your loved ones.

¿México? ¡Estupendo!

Jungle, beaches, and Mayan honey are a pretty good trade for a kitchen for a few weeks - but I'd be missing the kitchen too! Have fun, travel safe, and I'm looking forward to reading Mexican inspired posts when you return!

Gracias Adi y Kim! Adi, I

Gracias Adi y Kim!

Adi, I hear you regarding eating all the things you shouldn't over the holidays - sometimes there's no avoiding it - like when you're traveling. I'm trying to stick to fish and fruit as much as possible here in Mexico - which is really the perfect diet for me. (Everything here has a lot of sugar in it - even the "natural" yogurt and juices are loaded with sugar. Most other things are starchy and/or fried - ouch.)

Soon I'll have my own little rustic place, off the grid, in the jungle, to live and cook for the winter - I'm excited! For now, while I have internet access, I'll have to eat beautiful healthy fare vicariously through your blogs. Thank you both for sharing you delicious recipes!

Wishing you all a happy healthy 2009,
xo Patty