¡Bienvenidos a la jungla!

Every day, we devour stellar tropical fruit salads made with fresh local pineapple, papaya, bananas, mangos - or whatever's in season.

Greetings from the jungle! I'm in a little cafe with wifi in town right now, and have 5 minutes to post this, so here goes. I'm having a fantastic time and learning so much about nature in the tropics, and how to live off the grid here in Mexico. Cooking with all the fresh local ingredients is a joy. I've even managed to bake-up some sweet healthy treats in the frying pan - stay tuned for Steamed Banana Cakes with Chocolate Black Bean Paste... It's fun being creative and resourceful out here.

¡Disfruta! (Enjoy!)

La cocina. (The kitchen). We managed to borrow most of the wares, including the "fridge" and gas stove from generous neighbours who had extra stuff.

Vanilla custard rice pudding with papaya pan-seared in butter with freshly toasted pepitas.



Is today! And since I have no clue how to wish him all the best and to not get malaria I have to ask you to pass my best along to Herr Bailey!


Happy birthday, nice way to spend it...


Message sent! Funny, today

Message sent!
Funny, today is MY birthday :)

Hola ¡¡

Veo que estás feliz en México... nice to hear from you, I can see you are having a great time down there!! and Oh, how much I miss the wonderful fresh fruit from the tropics.
I remember my breakfasts in Rio de Janeiro, Mexico DC or even in Lima... plenty of fresh, perfect matured tropical fruits. My favorite: papaya.
When in Río, I usually asked for "vitaminas", that´s fresh fruit and milk shakes, blended in the same moment you asked for it (you could even choose the right piece of fruit you wanted for the shake).
Will be eager waiting for your Steamed Banana Cakes.
Have fun !!

¡Gracias Inma! I am sipping

¡Gracias Inma!
I am sipping a fresh papaya "agua de fruta" (smoothie made from fresh fruit and water) right now - deliciosa y fresca...