Mi Vida en La Selva

Getting some vitamin D on the dock, surrounded by clean fresh water and mangrove jungle.

¡Hola amigos! Been thinking of you all, from my little jungle casita by the lake in the southern Yucatan peninsula, Mexico. My partner and I have been getting by quite nicely, living off the grid without a car. Of course there are many challenges, like: getting ice and food, getting online, getting to town generally - which means catching a ride with a neighbor, the hot and humid +35C (and rising) days, the voracious insects: biting flies, mosquitos, hoards of ants, scorpions, tarantulas...  Otherwise, life is splendid and serene out here. Here are a few random travel pics to enjoy.

Fantastic feast at our favourite family-run restaurant in Cozumel: fresh fish with garlic, enchiladas with chocolaty mole, guacamole, hamaica to drink (hisbiscus flower ice tea)... ricisimo riquisimo! (Spanish for very rich/delicious!)

Mmm, more guacamole. The avocados here are buttery and divine. We make variations of guacamole, depending on what we have available. Additions include: lime, salt, garlic, onion, jalapeno, cilantro.

Sapote. This fruit is new to me: peachy flesh that's delicious, mild, soft and sweet. Great in an agua de fruta (a blend of fruit with some water and ice).

One of my favourite sweet treats is this chocolate amaranth cookie. They have a lot of amaranth treats out here in the Yucatan, though they are hard to find in the rural areas. I stock up when I go to the city.

Two Yucatecan molcajetes (mortars) - one for sweet spices, the other for savoury. I had to venture to the city (the old market of Chetumal) to find stone (piedra) molcajetes (they're actually cement). I'm not sure why these are always shaped like dogs pigs down here.

Lovely local spices: cinnamon, star anise, allspice, black pepper, cloves - ready to be pulverised in the molcajete. These are some of the flavours I've been adding to my thick spicy hot chocolates. I'll share my recipe when it's just right - or when I'm back online, and in civilization. Sigh.

Hasta pronto!
See you soon!

PS - I've noticed a lot of new visitors checking out my blog - hi, welcome, and thanks for all the great feedback! It's truly a pleasure connecting with other healthy fine foodies out there.

Photos: Thanks for the pic of me on the dock, our Cozumel feast, and the sapote Crispin - te amo!



I´m so glad to know from you... and I know by now that you must not be really missing nothing out of México... lol

You look sooooo happy and relaxed on that dock.

Here in Mallorca Springtime has ¡at last! arrived after a blue, rainy and loooong winter. Yap¡¡

Btw, you better spell "riquisimo" instead of ricisimo (this means nothing...) and does not sound the same :-)
Please feel free to correct my English spelling as you wish, hahaha.

My best regards. Be happy.
Un abrazo desde España.

Hola Adi! It's spring here

Hola Adi!
It's spring here in the Yucatan too, which means the rainy season is starting. It also means that all sorts of exciting produce is in season - healthy flavourful things that are all new to me. Today I bought some epazote from the local Mayan market - apparently this aromatic herb is great with beans, and a very effective anti-parasite remedy.

Thanks for the Spanish correction! Feel free to correct me anytime. I'll practice my Spanish commenting on your beautiful recipes...

I've just moved into a lovely place in this sweet little Mexican town, so I'm back online and cooking up a storm with the fresh food here.

Abrazos desds Mexico :)


Hello there!
I just wanted to pop by and say hi. I have been reading your blog for a long time, and just love it! I have tried many of your recipes, and have enjoyed each one. I use most of the same ingredients in my normal eating routine, and you always have fun ways to mix em' up! Your new pics looks so delicious, and mexico seems fabulous! Are you planning to stay there for a long time? I would love to move down there....all that fresh fruit is glorious!

Hola Dainty Pig! Can I

Hola Dainty Pig!
Can I actually call you that? It's so cute.
Thank you! Pleased to meet you. Your blog is beautiful and full of lovely mouthwatering fare - I love your healthy macrobiotic styles. Your pics of seaweed actually make me salavate. (My new favourite green here is chaya.) I think we would have amazing dinner parties here in Mexico. :) I'm planning to stay here a bit longer... maybe split my time between here and Canada. We shall see!


Hola chica! Why of course you can call me Dainty Pig! :)
Thank you for the lovely compliments about my blog--i'm just getting started, and there are so many options! I hope to have my own site as wonderful as yours, soon. I have directed SO many people to your site, and they get so excited to see all the healthy ingredients and interesting combinations.

Mexico is WONDERFUL, and we would totally have amazing dinner parties there. Chaya sounds super interesting! I hope to move somewhere south (either mexico, or maybe argentina) in the future, and set up camp :)
Best of luck in the land of fresh fruit, and wonderful spices! Are you just doing your own freelance work there, or do you have a job down there? I'm so excited when I see people make the move down there, and i'm always curious how they make it happen!?

How did I get down here? My

How did I get down here? My husband and I sold our condo, got out of debt, and and are now in the midst of a sabatical. No more cold winters for us. :) We're now trying to figure out how to do this every year...

Favorite family restaurant in Cozumel

Hi Patty! Love your blog and your recipies. Gluten and dairy-free, so your delicious treats have been a lifesaver!

What is the name of your favorite family restaurant in Cozumel? My family travels there quite often, and I'd love a recommendation.



Hola Sarah, Muchas gracias

Hola Sarah,
Muchas gracias :)
The restaurant is called Sabores, and it's run out of a little yellow house downtown. There is a little sign that says "Sabores Comida Casera", and a white board with all the daily specials written out. You're basically eating lunch in someone's home - the backyard is the best place to eat as you may spot a giant green iguana!

Thanks Patty!

Thanks Patty!


Thank you for sharing your adventures. Everything, especially the food, looks amazing. The molcajetes in the photo are actually pigs - it's a very common shape in Mexico. I have one myself and its proven very useful!

Hi there, Thanks! Pigs huh?

Hi there,
Thanks! Pigs huh? No wonder they have those funny noses. :) Super-cool blog btw!