Breakfast on a boulder & other delights

Wow, it's almost autumn. I have many lovely recipes, pics and stories from the past several months that I'm longing to share... Since I have a moment to spare between traveling, working, and living, thought I'd share a few travel and foodie pics from my cross country trek from Toronto to Kelowna BC. Canada is a gorgeous country.

We managed to do a bit of camping as we meandered across the continent: fun! Fresh wild blueberries and saskatoons from Manitoba. Amazing as is -

or mixed into hot oatmeal -

or mixed into hot chia cereal. Yum.

Our camping coffee making station. My sweetheart gets the credit for this efficient set-up. I particularly love the light camping kettle and hand-crank coffee bean grinder (both from mec) - the grinder sure beats the hammer-smashing-beans-wrapped-in-hankie method we used when we lived in the jungle in Mexico. Thanks for the great pic Crispin.

My favourite coat rack.

Loveliest spot for a tent. (Spruce Woods Provincial Park, Manitoba.)

Fresh off the grill: baked bananas filled with chocolate + hot chocolate.

Hiking the surreal Spirit Sands barefooted - anomalous sand dunes in Manitoba. (Spruce Woods Provincial Park, Manitoba.) Almost like a desert, we really loved this unusual park. Great hiking, biking, camping, and equestrian trails.

Nothing better than breakfast on a boulder. Hot chia cereal (great camping food) + coffee. Gorgeous camping at Lake Superior National Park. Thanks for another great pic Crispin.

Speaking of rocks - the Rocky Mountains, once again, blew my mind.

We hiked up to the teahouse at Lake Louise (awesome hike) and enjoyed a lovely cup of jasmine green tea and scones with strawberry preserves. (See first photo.) The teahouse is nestled in the mountains and only accessible by hiking up. The staff bakes everything from scratch at this off-the-grid spot. Sweet.

Thanks again for all your great feedback, recipe variations, and comments. I do check and reply often, as I really love meeting other life-loving healthy foodies. :)



thanks for sharing those lovely views, thoughts and snacks with us.

and thanks to geology/G-d (whichever the reader prefers) for all that wonderful world.

You're welcome. I'm

You're welcome. I'm traveling down the west coast USA right now - the giant red woods just blew my mind!

saskatoon berries, oh my

Like there is something wrong with the hammer and hanky method!? sounds totally satisfying in a 'hulk, smash!' kinda way

happy to see youse are enjoying this breathtakingly stunning nation...

any thought on how come saskatoon berries have never been seen on store shelves in ontario - is a midwest thing, the covet them so, or a supply thing they are precious or something else. at any rate a tasty treat

safe travels you two,


Yes, the hammer and hanky

Yes, the hammer and hanky method for crushing coffee beans was very satisfying - but the grind was always a bit on the coarse side. As for saskatoons, I think they mainly grow in the prairies. As well, people in the prairies seem to eat saskatoons a lot - maybe all of them!

Gracias :)


hi patty, just wanted to add that i, too, love the blog, photos, and recipes! just made some tahini oatmeal cookies for my boyfriend's birthday...i hope they will survive until morning. your mexico photos are beautiful, isn't the yucatan incredible? thanks for the inspiration! rebecca

Gracias Rebecca! I dig your

Gracias Rebecca!
I dig your stye blog. :)