Quick & Easy Oat Bread

I love fresh corn tortillas, crunchy baked tostadas, savoury tamales, fresh popcorn and homemade cornbread as much as the next muchacha. But sometimes I need a break from corn. Since I have limited access to ingredients here in Mexico, where corn is king, what's a girl to do? Well I recently came up with my new favorite quick bread, that's very similar to cornbread in taste and texture, but made with grounds oats. It's quick and easy to make - and keeps well in the fridge for slicing and toasting or pan-frying.

Recipe: Quick Oat Bread

Enjoy ♥


I don't seem to ever get

I don't seem to ever get tired of the corn, but I totally LOVE this oat bread. Rich, moist, and so yummy toasted with butter and drizzled with honey. Wow.

Thanks Crispin! Now that the

Thanks Crispin! Now that the recipe is up, you can make us a loaf whenever you want... maybe not this week though since it's been over +35C every day so far. :)