Mexican Grapefruit

Mexican Grapefruit

Hola amigos! Made it though my first hot steamy Mexican summer - it was intense. On the property we were housesitting, we reveled in a tropical garden harvest of sweet bananas, amazing papayas, fragrant limes, and wonderful coconuts. Talk about perks!

It has just started getting cooler now, and grapefruits are appearing in the markets again. My favorite way to enjoy one is to prepare it like this:

Mexican Grapefruit

With a serrated knife, slice it in half and cut around the inside of the peel and through the center segment membranes (this makes it easier to eat with a spoon). Sprinkle the following over both pieces, approximately:

1 tsp (or more) of muscavado sugar
2 tsp (or more) of fine tequila (I like Cazadores reposado)
salt to taste

Enjoy! And make sure to drink the juice left in the bowl. :)


I'm a big fan of this

I'm a big fan of this particular way of serving grapefruit by the way. Lip-smackingly good. :)

Ditto :)

Ditto :)

I love this tasty

I love this tasty recipe, apart & so tasty looking too!

I just found your lovely blog & I love your unique & appetizing dishes!

I also went gluten free a few montha ago because I am feeling much better with this change. I also am not a celiac patient.
I blog now gf!

Many greetings from a fellow gf foodie from Brussels, Belgium!!!

Nice to meet you Sophie -

Nice to meet you Sophie - you blog is lovely! Your recipe for Sophie's gluten free & egg free speculaas spiced apple muffins sounds awesome. :)

yumm!!! a little morning

yumm!!! a little morning pick me up!

I love these mexican

I love these mexican grapefruit, Nice giveaway