What's simple, sweet and a gives you a boost?

I have something really wonderful to share. My sweetheart and I have been working on a top-secret project for the past little while - and after an intense and fun month of hard work it's finally ready!

It's called iBooster, and it's a sweet, simple, easy-to-use iPhone app that helps boost your confidence. We put together a little website that describes our app - you can also check it out in the iTunes App Store.

I made these funny little chocolate spice shortbread cookies to celebrate! I wanted them to look like the iBooster icon, which is a soft square, so I formed cookie dough into a log, wrapped it in plastic wrap, then flattened it by pressing down onto the log with a small cutting board, rotating the log a quarter turn, and then flattening it again. I then chilled it till firm, and sliced 1/4" cookies. I made a little stencil by printing the logo onto a transparency, and then cutting the shapes out with an exacto blade. I placed the stencil on a cookie, gently sifted icing sugar over it, then carefully removed the stencil. (Next time I'll try dabbing icing over the stencil too.) The cookies are made with blue maseca corn flour, coconut oil, cocoa, cinnamon... will share the recipe when it's just right - but as you may know by now, I like to tweak my recipes a million times before I share them. ;)

We'd love your feedback on our app, so please let me know what you
think! This is just version 1.0 of iBooster, and we plan to tweak it and
add more great content in the coming weeks. :)

Can you tell by the !!! and :) that I'm excited? :D

xo Patty


W00t!! I LOVE the little

W00t!! I LOVE the little cookies you made to celebrate our launch! This whole project has truly been a labour of love - with lots of labour and lots of love put into it. Here's to selling a million copies! ;)

Gracias sweetie! Love your

Gracias sweetie! Love your confidence and positive thinking. :)


I could totally use a confidence boosting gadget! Unfortunately I don't have an iphone : (
It's a brilliant idea nonetheless and your cookies are too cute!
Congratulations on your app!

Thanks Rachel! The app also

Thanks Rachel!
The app also works on iPod touches, and iPads too... and if you don't have these devices, and you're on twitter, feel free to follow iBooster http://twitter.com/iBoosterApp and get a little confidence-boosting message every day. :)

If only I wasn't such an

If only I wasn't such an antisocial hermit so I could have an iPhone and talk to other humans, then I could take advantage of iBooster! Your kind words on my blog did boost my confidence though... maybe you have powers! Thank you! :D

With all the awesome cooking

With all the awesome cooking and crafting you do - I can't imagine you'd have time for an iPhone!

Waw!! Congratulations on

Waw!! Congratulations on your recent project!! Good luck with it all!

These chocolate spice shortbread cookies look delectable!! Can we have the recipe, please???

MMMMMMMMM,..lovely food!

Thank you Sophie! Still

Thank you Sophie!
Still working on the recipe... I'll have to wait till I get my hands on some blue maseca again - such delicious healthy stuff - but tricky to find even here. :)

LOVE this!

First of all - these cookies sound delicious and look adorable. (I love anything with a stenciled image on it - so Martha!)

But I'm also loving the iPhone app...I think I'm going to have to download it and use it at work. It was a particularly looonnnggg week (if you know what I mean), and I could use a break from being a "stress-case," too. :) Congrats on the launch - so exciting!!

Thank you Ellen! Sorry to

Thank you Ellen! Sorry to hear about your week.

I use iBooster everyday - a little positive inspiration is always helpful. :)