Day of the Dead Skull Cookies

Happy Día de los Muertos! Here in Mexico, November 2 is a very special day, a time to spend with family and connect with deceased relatives and friends and celebrate life. I think it's a very beautiful tradition.

Traditional treats and happy sugar skulls are part of the deal too. It's funny that up north (Canada and the US) skulls are usually portrayed as dark and evil, but down here they're often cheery and whimsical.... and sometimes very sweet too. To celebrate, C and I decorated our own little skull shortbread cookies. It was muy divertido (very fun!)

I used a couple of chilled rolls of cookie dough (from my last slice-n-bake cookie experiment) and after slicing 1/4" rounds of dough, I pinched the "chin area" and flattened them a bit more with my fingers to make a basic skull shape. No cookie cutters required - and they all turn out a little different. I threw them in the oven, and 5 minutes into baking had a good idea how to define the face. So I pulled them out of the oven and worked on half of them - leaving the other ones smooth. With a fork, I pressed down gently to make teeth. Using a chopstick, I pressed the fat tip in to make eye sockets, and the small tip to make the nose cavity. Yum. ;) Since they were already partially baked, they ended up cracking - which was actually pretty cool since skulls do have cracks and fissures. Check out my last blog entry to see how they look without the icing - they're pretty nice looking plain too.

The decorating was super fun. C got in on that action. I was inspired by these cookies, and these chocolate trees (learning that the fine lines were made using a ziplock bag as an icing bag with a tiny piece of the corner snipped off). I don't have a lot of fancy kitchen stuff here - but I do have ziplock bags! I made 3 simple icings (just squishing the ingredients right in the bags to mix):

White: 2-3 Tbps icing sugar with a few drops of rose water and just enough water to make a thick paste.

Orange/Brown: 2-3 Tbps icing sugar, ~1/4 tsp cinnamon and just enough water to make a thick paste. (mine was pretty dark because it had about 1 tsp of canela)

Dark Brown: Melted semi-sweet chocolate. (This worked very well, but I wasn't able to stack these cookies because the chocolate stuck to the other cookies. For cookies that need to be stored efficiently, I'd make an icing sugar icing like the ones above, but with vanilla and cocoa.)

Senior Skull courtesy of Crispin (Gracias!)

This was seriously my first time making "fancy" decorated cookies. (Not counting the gingerbread men from kindergarten - or my recent iBooster app cookies hehe...) I was delighted with how easy and fun it was - and how effective the ziplock baggie icing bag/tip technique was.

Making funny little decorated skull cookies for Día de los Muertos is going to be a yearly tradition for us from now on - as well as remembering our beloved deceased relatives, sharing stories about them, and celebrating life. :)


These cookies were soooooo

These cookies were soooooo much fun to decorate! The hardest part was eating them afterwards, because each one has so much personality - I actually became emotionally attached to some of them. :)

So true! It was like they

So true! It was like they were little beings... some of them even looked nervous - I guess they knew they were going to get eaten. ;)

wonderful! they look

wonderful! they look sooooooo cool! i bet they were yummy! we celebrate nov. 1st in spain as well although is not like that... i like the mexican version!

Skull Cookies

These are wonderful and they actually look DOABLE. Thanks for such a great post. I think this is something I can handle.

Adriana - gracias :) Pattie

Adriana - gracias :)
Pattie - thanks and you're welcome! I dare you to make some too. ;)

So cute!

These are really cool!
My favorite is the one with the mustache.

Thanks Jana! I'll let

Thanks Jana! I'll let Crispin know - he decorated the mustached cookie :)

ziplic bags, huh - good to

ziplic bags, huh - good to know. I have those too!

I feel like a ziplock brand

I feel like a ziplock brand spokesperson or something! ;) Any little plastic bag with pointy corners will do - like a little sandwich bag.

These look WICKED!!! So

These look WICKED!!!
So artsy and creepy and delicious all at the same time :)
High-fives all the way to Mexico for you!

Gracias my dainty little

Gracias my dainty little pig!
Sending you hugs over to Japan. :)

Some of these cooies look so

Some of these cooies look so scary but they also look so dlectable & tasty!!

Yummmmmmmmm,...:) !!!!!

i love these!!!!! dia de los

i love these!!!!! dia de los muertos is so fun & festive, now it is tasty too!

Re: Day of the Dead Skull Cookies

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