Yes! We have bananas (& an awesome giveaway)

Oh yeah - this is just a fraction of the bananas we harvested at our last place - a single bunch yields a LOT of bananas. We visited friends and gave them big bags of bananas - gotta love those surplus fruit giveaways! Speaking of giveaways...

The giveaway is now over - thanks to everyone who entered!

I'm hosting an AMAZING giveaway over at Baking is Hot, for a Le Creuset Baker's Gift Pack. For the giveaway I picked a sweet array of beautiful, practical, high quality (and sexy!) goodies any foodie would love. (I'll admit, I want all of the items - I developed a crush on the brand after housesitting a home full of Le Creuset pots and pans.)

And if you already have what you need and don't need any new stuff, enter anyways and gift these fantastic heirloom goodies out to the ones you love. :)

xo Patty


yowza... that's a lot of

yowza... that's a lot of bananas!!
lucky you guys :)
I see lots of... banana bread? banana pudding? banana splits? in your future.

I made banana bread - but it

I made banana bread - but it turned out more like banana pudding as these bananas were sweet, but a bit starchier than regular bananas. I also made baked oatmeal (my new fav way to enjoy oatmeal) with banana. Those bananas are all gone now. :)


Hi Patty! Just doing some recipe browsing! Love your bananas. I'm going to make that oat loaf. Trying to keep sugar and wheat down to the bare (none) minimum...trying to keep H's exema down. It helps. xxS

These are lot of bananas,

These are lot of bananas, happy for your giveaway