Hot fresh corn tortillas from the local market


Yum! I bet those are

Yum! I bet those are gooooood!
I remember there used to be a little stand in the San Diego Museum of Man where a woman made a sold corn tortillas. She served them up dripping with butter and they were my favorite part of that museum.

Yes - they're particularly

Yes - they're particularly good "hot off the press" - though I prefer the hand-made ones I get at a breakfast taco stand at the side of the highway!

Sounds like my kind of museum :)

Que Rico!

Hola Patty, How I miss going to the tortilleria everyday for fresh tortillas. Nothing compares to ones right off the press.

Hola Nancy! Sí, these are

Hola Nancy!

Sí, these are amazing fresh and hot. And fresh tortillas made by hand are in another league. :)