Hula Hulas & other things I'm Loving

homemade hula hoops (or as they call them in Mexico, hula hulas)
(photo from here)

raw almonds that haven't been irradiated or pasteurized - soaked/germinated/sprouted


the peppery arugula growing in the garden

getting vitamin d from the sun

What are you grateful for today?



Oooh I got some delicious arugula at the farmers market the other day. What a treat to grow your own!


Yes! The arugula here is super-peppery and bitter, the locals aren't into it, maybe it's the way we're growing it or the soil, but I love it. Already back up north perusing farmer's markets? Fun :)

estoy agradecido

I'm grateful for being shown how to make my very first loaf of sourdough oat bread, and for getting to share it with my best friend. :D


sweet :)