rainy season: things I'm loving

local tropical summer fruit (clockwise from top): a yellow pitaya (dragon fruit), mamay (kind of tastes like baked sweet potato, and it's great pureed in muffins), limes from the yard, sapote from a tree on our street (tastes like a soft smokey caramel pear).

the coconuts from the yard: fresh coconut water, fresh coconut meat, fresh coconut milk, rustic bowls made from the shells. next to try: coconut popsicles

mirando las tormentas. watching storms come in. and checking to see what's heading our way - and loving when the big ones veer away from here

this simple and inspiring site

cuando alguien corrige mi español - when someone corrects my Spanish :)

(both photos from Crispin - gracias por compartir!)

What are you grateful for today?



What gorgeous fruit and weather, even if it is a bit extreme (the weather, not the fruit). Sounds like you're having a nice summer.
Today I'm grateful for the 5 months my husband and I have been married : )

Oh, the fruit can get pretty

Oh, the fruit can get pretty extreme here too. ;)
5 months - sweet! Did you get married while in the Caribbean?



Loving every minute

Thanks for sharing sweet P! :)

What I have been grateful for lately: the exotic fruit, the warm lake, the cool air in the evening, the morning walks, the fresh bread and fabulously simple meals we make and enjoy by the water almost every day, the 2 playful dogs we've been taking care of, the beautiful garden we're surrounded by, and all the time we've spent together, intimately chatting about our personal and professional projects as well as our goals and dreams.

¡Que preciosa es tu vida!

¡Que preciosa es tu vida!

I've never seen yellow dragon

I've never seen yellow dragon fruit before! Is it white with black seeds inside too?

Yes, it's pretty much the

Yes, it's pretty much the same on the inside as the pink variety, but the man at the fruit stand told us that the yellow are sweeter. :)