Food of the Gods

Mayan chocolate discs

Real Mayan chocolate from the Yukatan, Mexico.

Another great score from Mexico ~

Hand made in the Yukatan, the only ingredient in this chocolate is cacao. We spoke with the woman who made it, and she told us how to prepare Mayan-style hot chocolate:

Blend for 1 minute: 1 disc of chocolate with 1 liter of hot water (or hot milk). The hot chocolate should be nice and foamy. Serves 4.

This will produce a very bitter drink. I'll add 1 - 2 Tbsp of Mexican honey and a splash of vanilla when I make it.

Besides honey and vanilla, other ingredients traditionally included can be: cinnamon, chillies, anise seeds, sesame seeds, ground corn, allspice, achiote, and aromatic flowers.

Monster Cookies!

Monster cookie


These are awesome: chunky, peanut buttery, oaty, chocolaty - with the added sophistication of candied orange peel. Adults LOVE these. Haven't made them for kids yet, though I think I'd swap the peel for chopped apricots... Similar to the classic monster cookie, these MONSTER COOKIES have been updated to be dairy-free + healthier. I like to keep a couple in my purse as they're great for a hearty energy boost. :-)

matcha maccha

matcha cookie
beautiful matcha green

Here's a matcha cookie I recently made from rice flour, olive oil, honey, tapioca starch, matcha, and salt. I ended up using too much matcha (2 Tbsp) and got a bit of a buzz off them :-)

Snowflake cookie stamp was a lovely gift from girlfriend Pea.

recipe in progress...

the alchemist's shortbread

The Alchemist's Shortbread
sweet! and savory shortbread: mmm...

Behold a stack of lovely savory and sweet shortbread from Alchemy Baking.
(Not exactly healthy... but they were really good :-)

The varieties, from top to bottom, are:

  • berbere (my favorite!)
  • cheddar thyme
  • rosemary lemon pepper
  • lime caraway
  • hemp vanilla
  • fair trade coffee

Sweet Honey! Peanut Butter Cookies

Sweet Honey! Peanut Butter Cookies
sweet honey - you're the best!

My favorite peanut butter cookies: packed with whole grains, sweetened with honey, refined with vanilla, made with pure peanut butter - and butter-free :-)

Recipe: Sweet Honey! Peanut Butter Cookies

First aboriginal food guide balances traditional, practical

"Bannock, berries, wild game and canned milk are part of a new version of Canada's Food Guide, created specifically for First Nations, Inuit and Métis."

Full article here (CBC news).

facebook baking

After getting several emails from friends who are in Facebook, I finally caved and signed up.

I looked through the groups that were related to "baking" and found some pretty interesting ones. Check these out:

  • Women Say No To War And Yes To Baking
  • Hannah Brown's baking makes me fat, and I love her for it.
  • Garrett Bacon enjoys baking cupcakes and singing to Whitney Houston.
  • I realized I'm only good at giving blow jobs and baking
  • College Students Against the Baking & Distribution of Almond H.O.R.N.S
  • We love Steve's Grandma and her baking!

In the end, I joined: B.A.A (Baking Addicts Anonymous)


Kahlua Walnut Brownies: reeealy good!

A large bottle of Kahlua from the duty-free = inspiration!

Here's the resultant recipe: Kahlua Walnut Brownies

These are absolutely fantastic (and relatively healthy). Beautiful in texture and exquisitely flavored: rich, dark, moist, chocolaty, and not too sweet. Voted "best brownies of all time" by my partner!

goat suckers

sweet goat suckersucculent suckers - goat milk caramel from Mexico

Goat milk caramel lollipops from Mexico. These are awesome. They only have 4 ingredients: goat milk, sugar, corn syrup, and salt.