Happy Halloween y Día de Los Muertos!

Sweet hand-made treats of pepita marzipan and coconut candy from the local mercado. Wishing you all a fantastically fun Halloween and beautiful Día de Los Muertos.

Happy Halloween!

Bleedy Cake, anyone?

Just came across this fun site: 365 Halloween "...for anyone who wishes that Halloween was longer than just one short day."

Gross + yummy recipes here (made with super ingredients!) including: Gingerbread Zombies, Stuffed Intestines Recipe, Mummy Dogs with Green Goo, Bleedy Cake

I mean, eww...

Creepy Zombie Finger Cookies

It's devil's night - one night away from one of my favorite occasions: Halloween!

I scored these creepy almond finger cookies at a bake sale at St.Mike's - fund-raising for the Heart & Vascular Program. They were presented in an splendidly gross manner: sticking out of a bowl of brown sugar: zombie fingers coming out of the earth to get you... I couldn't resist!

Black Leather

Just came up with this super-tasty mineral-rich fun-to-eat hot-looking confection ~

Recipe: Black Leather

(...fun to have some of this on hand at a halloween party... evil black baby snakes?)