Baking is Hot!

Cute phrase, ya? That's what my sweetheart thought when I blurted it out a year and a half ago, so we immediately snapped up the URL. After an exhilarating year of travel and major life changes, we finally found the time to make Baking is Hot, a place to showcase inspiring baking photos (that link to great recipes), and the best baking stuff online.

Baking is Hot is still in beta, so we'd love your feedback on the site. (Yes, there will be tons of great pics from other bloggers too!) We want it to make it the sweetest spot for bakers online. Please let us know what you think - thanks!

xo Patty

P.S. You too can get a stylie "Featured on Baking is Hot" badge (look to the right) if we feature one of your awesome pics. Contact me if you have something wonderful to share. :)

P.P.S. My secret agenda for Baking is Hot is to promote healthy baking to the masses. Wish me luck.

2 Super-Healthy Quick Breads!

Super-Healthy Banana Bread
"...whole-grain perfectly spiced banana bread: gluten-free, sugar-free,
dairy-free and flavorful with no unnecessary sugar or fat."

delicious links & bookmarks + tag clouds

Hooray for web 2.0! My fabulous partner just added a new and incredibly useful addition to pattycake: delicious links. (Note the lovely tag cloud.) Learn about social bookmarking if you're curious, or want your own account. Speaking of tag clouds, I also have a new tag cloud that shows all of my blog tags.

Fun stuff :-P