sweet snack

One of may favourite snacks/breakfasts:
rice cakes + nut butter + cocoa nibs + honey + cinnamon

...particularly delicious with almond butter, fairtrade raw organic cocoa nibs, local honey, and very fine cinnamon :-)

delicious links & bookmarks + tag clouds

Hooray for web 2.0! My fabulous partner just added a new and incredibly useful addition to pattycake: delicious links. (Note the lovely tag cloud.) Learn about social bookmarking if you're curious, or want your own account. Speaking of tag clouds, I also have a new tag cloud that shows all of my blog tags.

Fun stuff :-P

seduced by soap cakes

yummy local demo soaps

While we were at this year's one of a kind show, we were seduced by a display of beautiful delicious aromatic natural soaps - some of which looked and smelled like pumpkin pie, caramel, brownies - yum!