Jackie's Super Muffins

Just scored this recipe from my friend, the vivacious Jackie Allen:

Super Nutritious Chocolate Chip Bran Muffins

"... I adapted the recipe from The Ultimate Healthy Eating Guide,
a great cookbook and health guide that I recommend buying if you are
looking for a healthy cookbook that contains up to date summaries on
current research on healthy oils, nuts, flax, fish, and chocolate! It
was made, in part, by a Toronto-based Dietitian, Liz Pearson."

Jackie, who is a nutritionist and fellow foodie, just returned from the Rio De Janeiro Marathon - Team Diabetes. Selling healthy muffins was one way she raised funds for the cause. Congrats on your run and contribution to The Canadian Diabetes Association!

Marvelous Monkey Muffins

Make some Marvelous Monkey Muffins - mmm!

Packed with sweet ripe bananas, flax seeds, oats, toasted pepitas...
these super muffins are good for you and your monkey!

Here's the recipe:
Marvelous Monkey Muffins

Ooo-oo-oo ee-EE!