Hula Hulas & other things I'm Loving

homemade hula hoops (or as they call them in Mexico, hula hulas)
(photo from here)

raw almonds that haven't been irradiated or pasteurized - soaked/germinated/sprouted


the peppery arugula growing in the garden

getting vitamin d from the sun

What are you grateful for today?

Fresh Fig & Blueberry Clafoutis

I LOVE figs, and lately I've been noticing fresh figs around town... somewhere it the world, it's fig season. Combined with fresh blueberries (which I love too) they're killer good. Luckily, blueberries are still in season here, because my favourite clafoutis combines the two - I guess I should call it a flognarde then? Nah ;-)

I made a variation of my new wheat-free (+ gluten-free) clafoutis with this stellar combo - fresh local blueberries and black mission figs:

Fresh Fig and Blueberry Clafoutis

Very yummy. Very pretty. Very easy.
Blueberries and figs are very nutritious too :-)

I Love Your Blog

I feel so honored to receive an I Love your Blog award! Thanks koalabrains for the sweet thought, I admire your creative healthy styles, openness and friendliness. I'm going to share the love by passing this award on to a few of my favourite blogs...

Pan y Various ~ Adi, I love your beautiful healthy and inventive Mediterranean recipes - especially your baking. (You can find some of her recipes in English here.) Always a pleasure sharing recipes with you online :-)

Fran's House of Ayurveda ~ Your delicious healthy food blog has introduced me to ayurvedic foods. I love your recipes, and all the great info you share.

Pony ~ Adina, you're a great writer, and a very cool chick - you make me laugh, cry, and salivate. You help connect the online world to the physical for me, being a buddy I love chatting up at parties, and a fellow downtown Toronto hipster ;-)

serial consign
~ Greg, are you an architect or a writer? I'm ever impressed by your prolific posts, and fluid writing styles covering art/design/technology. I also love the cool image/video/link blog that you and Jordan have: highflight

Lookdeeper ~ Crispin, your blog is an ever-shifting experiment that changes over the years - I've loved watching it move from complete inaccessible obscurity to an open source sandbox where you share your interests in web, technology, and life. (Lookdeeper is also one of the best url's out there!) I'm looking forward to seeing where it shifts to next...

...and here are some fantastic (and very popular) foodblogs that inspire me: 101cookbooks, La Tartine Gourmande, Diet, Dessert and Dogs, have cake, will travel...

A big thanks to everyone!